Jeram Besu

Taman Negara

Kota Gelanggi

Mobile Synergy Activities

White Water Rafting

Jeram Besu White Water Rafting is the most challenging course in Malaysia with rapids to conquer and lots of thrills to enjoy upon putting on the life jacket and holding on to a paddle. Coordinate and persevere as a team along with an experienced and certified raft leader. Besides Water Rafting, Exclusive Outdoor also offers Water Confidence activities like the rapids jump.

Fly & Cross

Built across the Jeram Besu River, the Flying Fox promises an exciting 10 seconds of thrill when participants get to fly across the river. Upon landing at the opposite side of the river, courage and confidence will be put to action when the Adventurers and their team walk and swim across the Jeram Besu River. Of course, teams will be supported with a rope as they fight their way against the currents to reach the destination.

4 Wheel Drive Adventure to Waterfall

Experience 45 minutes of energetic and breath-taking 4 Wheel Drive Adventure ride uphill and downhill in a 4 Wheel Jeep. At the peak of the hill rests the Berembun Waterfall. Organize picnic, have fun and relax in the waterfall safely with life jackets provided for all. The combination of both activities serves as a reward for the Adventurers after putting in efforts and hardships throughout their adventure.

Cave Tour & Abseiling (Natural Surfaces)

Cave Tour provides multiple challenges during the adventure process when Adventurers negotiate pitches, embracing and crawling through rocks in addition to climbing over all the high steps. Also available round the corner of the cave is the abseiling on natural surfaces, where the Adventurers must have what it takes to perceive “risks” in a positive way, to overcome the fear of height and various other obstacles along the path, in order to reach the ground.

Battle of Jeram Besu: Power Paintball War

Enjoy a team-play Power Paintball War at the outdoor field of Countryview Resort. Players are challenged to conquer flag, “shoot down” enemies and complete missions in the shortest time possible. The activity involves strategies and tactical planning on top of leadership, teamwork and interpersonal communication. Gear up and bring on the Battle!

Grassland Camping


Roughing it out in a complete outdoor adventure camp, in a safe yet wild environment is never to be missed. Over at Jeram Besu, Exclusive Outdoor caters outdoor camping at the Grassland in the secured premises of Countryview Resort. Basic tent pitching skills will be imparted by our competent instructors and coachers.

Elephant Sanctuary


The Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary was established in 1989 with the aim of providing a home for the homeless elephants as well as promoting public awareness of the elephant’s plight in Malaysia. Adventurers get to enjoy and mingle around with the elephants at the elephant sanctuary, with activities such as feeding, riding as well as the bathing of the elephants in the river. An unforgettable experience with the largest land animal in the world!

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