Jeram Besu

Taman Negara

Kota Gelanggi

Mobile Synergy Activities

Multiple Cave Exploration

Explore the 150 million years old historical Kota Gelanggi caves, one of the primary attractions in Pahang. They are unique with their flora, fauna and various forms of rocks. All the caves are made of limestone and boast of countless stalagmites and stalactites and strangely shaped formations.Gua Gajah (Elephant Cave), Gua Terang Dulang (Moon Cave) and Gua Penyu (Turtle Cave) are the selected caves with activities tailored to maximize participants’ potential and learning ability so as to help participants experience personal growth throughout the program.

Rock Climbing(Natural Surfaces)

Experience the thrill of real rock climbing in Pahang at a safe and natural environment. Rock climbing is regarded as a physically and mentally demanding sport that tests climbers’ strength, endurance, balance and agility together with their mental control.  The only way out is UP!

Abseiling (Natural Surfaces)

A lot of people might have tried abseiling, but definitely not the one in Kota Gelanggi. Abseiling (Natural Surfaces) offered by Exclusive Outdoor is unique where it challenges the Adventurers down the high vertical natural solid limestone rocks. It is never an easy task for them as they will have to stay strong and positive in order to overcome the fear of height and other obstacles in their quest to reach the earth.

Cave Camping

Camping is always experiential and exciting, but Cave Camping doubles the experiences and excitement. Exclusive Outdoor offers Cave Camping in a safe environment at Kota Gelanggi in one of the cave known as Gua Balai. The basic skills of pitching a tent in a cave will be taught by our instructors and coaches. Come and have a stay in the cave, a lifetime experience never to be missed!

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