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Mobile Synergy Activities

Mobile Synergy Activities

Our mobile synergy activities consist of wide range of dynamic activities that can be used to achieve your objectives and to provide experiential learning for the youths. It usually involves a team to achieve a common goal, complete a specific task or engage in problem-solving scenarios together. In addition, these activities require the team to undergo a learning cycle which consists of “Setting Goals, Planning, Executing, Reflecting and Mastering”.

Mobile synergy activities can be classified into 3 different categories to attain different desired objectives:

  1. Team Building
  2. Leadership Building
  3. Leadership Moulding

The world is our boundary; our mobile synergy activities can be held anywhere anytime as these activities are very much dependant on the facilitation and guidance of our experienced coaches. Some of our mobile synergy activities include Giant Slingshots, Black Market, Toy Builder, etc.

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