Exclusive Outdoor offers a variety of activities at different sites in Pahang, which includes Taman Negara, Jeram Besu, and Kota Gelanggi.  Together with our mobile synergy activities, we provide Adventurers with a wide range of activities, customizable to meet their objectives and requirements.


White Water Rafting

Fly & Cross

4 Wheel Drive Adventure

Fun at Berembun Waterfall

Ancient Cave Tour

Abseiling (Natural Surfaces)

Battle of Jeram Besu: Power Paintball War

Grassland Camping

Elephant Sanctuary


Trail of Glory

Ultimate Survival

Deep Jungle Trekking

Treetops Trek

Bat Cave Exploration

Tribal Exchange: Orang Asli Village Visit

Rapid Shooting

Trek of Terror

Sandbank/Grassland Camping


Multiple Cave Exploration

Rock Climbing (Natural Surfaces)

Abseiling (Natural Surfaces)

Cave Camping


Giant Slingshots

Trader's Mark

Toy Builder

Blind Shepherd

Country View Challenge

Knot My Problem

We Watch

Hula Hoop Travellers

And many more...

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