Jeram Besu

Taman Negara

Kota Gelanggi

Mobile Synergy Activities

Trail of Glory

Spanning 52km long, the cycling track also boasts challenging inclines and slopes down the stretch. Shadowing the Adventurers throughout their voyage are the traffic police, ambulance and buses so as to ensure the safety of everyone. Mountain bikes and helmets are also provided as the Adventurers bid to conquer this 52km cycling road to feel the sense of satisfaction and achievement. Trail of glory indeed!

Ultimate Survival

Seen and heard of the Survivor U.S TV series? Get a taste of it with additional flavours of safety measures in our Jungle Survival Program where Adventurers will be isolated in the wilderness of Taman Negara with no one else but each other, the guides and the Orang Asli (original people) throughout the program. Survival skills will be imparted and traditional games will be prepared for the Adventurers to compete and challenge each other.

Deep Jungle Trekking

Available as a half a day program to 2 day program, the Deep Jungle Trekking in Taman Negara will definitely stretch the Adventurers by giving them lots of opportunities to break through their own limits throughout the program. Accompanied by certified jungle guides, personal growth is accomplished safely and effectively!

Treetops Trek

Take the nature’s test of physical and mental strengths at Bukit Teresek when trekking up the 342m high hill comprising of numerous steep slopes. Furthermore, adventurers’ spirit of wildness will be taken to a new height at 45m high and 510m long canopy, which is the highest layer of vegetation in the forest. With myriad of plants and animal species that calls the summit of the forest their home well in sight, acquire priceless knowledge exclusively!

Bat Cave Exploration

The exploration of the bat cave, Gua Telingga, is one of the most anticipated activities in Taman Negara. Squeezing and climbing through the trail, discover limestone outcrops while looking out for termite colonies, snake racers and not to forget, the star of this activity, the Bats. Get close to the Bats, as close as one dares!  This journey will be a once in a life time unforgettable experience!

Tribal Exchange: Orang Asli Village Visit

Orang Asli Village Visit is a one of the cultural exchange programs exclusively offered by Exclusive Outdoor over at Taman Negara. Orang Asli means “original people” in Malay and they live a nomadic lifestyle in the jungles of Taman Negara. Over at the village, witness their simple lifestyle and culture, understand the history of Orang Asli, and learn various traditional survivor skills of the Orang Asli.

Rapid Shooting

The Trembling River of Taman Negara boasts seven sets of rapids which are population destination for adrenaline seeking enthusiasts. Designed as a recreational and rewarding activity to reward Adventurers for the successful completion of various tough activities in Taman Negara, Rapid Shooting also aims to foster team bonding in the name of fun. Be prepared to get wet!

Trek of Terror

At Taman Negara, Exclusive Outdoor provides night jungle trekking exclusively for the Adventurers. Advance through the jungle wrapped up in the cooling night weather while keeping a look out for “the eyes”. These eyes belong to the numerous species of fauna that are active in the night. Grab the torch and lit up the jungle to spot these fauna.

Sandbank/ Grassland Camping

An outdoor adventure camp is never complete without camping in wild environments. Perfect the outdoor adventure camp experience with Sandbank Camping as well as the Grassland Camping at Taman Negara. Learn the basics of tent pitching in both the Sandbank and Grassland environments through demonstrations and guidance by our instructors and coaches. Certain to strengthen the team bond!

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