Consult, Design, Manage. That’s simply what Exclusive Outdoor (EO) can provide for its clients & partners!

With a vision of inspiring every heart, mind and soul with an impactful experience, EO emerged in 2010 as a vibrant outdoor adventure consultancy, providing and managing training, education and recreational programmes for schools and organizations.

In EO, we believe that by leveraging on both wilderness as well as well-planned outdoor adventure activities, it will provide a good challenging platform for people of all ages to develop character & leadership skills, challenge their physical & mental limits, build teamwork, and not forgetting the fun element that lies in every adventure.

Furthermore, Adventurers have the opportunities to go on wild land expeditions, acquire technical outdoor skills and learn more about the nature & environment ethics. Powerful lessons can also be learnt and drawn from the process of the adventure which will be valuable & applicable to the Adventurers in their life.

With a dedicated team of experienced members & trainers, EO is well-prepared to provide both local and overseas programmes such as, school cohort resilience adventures, corporate & school teambuilding activities, leadership expeditions & programmes, outdoor educational tours and recreational & team bonding adventures, to achieve the combined desired objectives of personal growth, education and fun.

“It’s more than just a camp;
with EO, it’s an Adventure!”

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