In EO, we adopt EO EBLM as our learning methodology!

This Experience-Based Learning Model is created by Exclusive Outdoor, with the realization that Adventurers, just like you and me, required a well-articulated methodology to guide us in our learning during the adventure process, as well as to enhance and maximize learning that can be acquired from the adventure experience.

This model defines and specifies what Experience-Based Learning is all about. Looking at EO EBLM, the cyclic processes represent effective and quality Experiential Learning in the Adventure and the outer circle embodies the EO Experiential Learning context. It can be applied in specific indoor or outdoor activities as well as small or large scale Adventures. The EO EBLM can further be brought into personal life or school and work environment, where Adventurers adopt the model to aid them in their learning as well as deriving important principles and learning content in their life. Thus it strives to promote self-initiated lifelong learning among the Adventurers.

The EO Experience-Based Learning Cycle begins with a FOCUS for the Adventure; next, moving into ACTION during the Adventure; then to PROCESS those experiences into learning; lastly to MASTER learning so as to transfer to the next activity, personal life or even to schools & organizations. This complete cyclical process will allow the Adventurer to learn new skills, new attitudes & behaviours or even entirely new ways of thinking. It will repeat itself throughout the Adventure, and may even be brought into the Adventurers' life consciously. This conscious attention to processing learning develops an upward or outwardly expanding spiral, so that with each new experience, the Adventurers can develops greater ability to analyse, generalize and transfer learning, and also recognises how each level is linked and interconnected to the other.

Without the context, the learning will never be maximized. It is important that all Adventurers have a good and clear understanding of the:

  • Purpose and Objective of the Adventure,
  • Adventure Environment,
  • Community-Based Learning and
  • Desired Outcomes from the Adventure,

as they comes together to support and shape the specific contents of Experience-Based Learning.

The EO EBLM can be applied to all strategies of educating and learning, and to personal & interpersonal relationships and skills that cultivate the adventure learning community.


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