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Exclusive Outdoor provides tailored programmes for schools and organisations in the above 5 categories. Goals, objectives as well as other requirements of the Adventure are first gathered from our clients during the consultation phase before the Adventure is brought back to base for our programme designers to decipher and craft. The result is a tailored to fit Adventure programme for our clients run by EO Trainers and Facilitators whom has been instilled in them, the EO Methodology as well as the purpose and intention of the Adventure.

The Character Development programme focuses on basic desirable values a person should develop in order to be an individual that will be able to communicate, work and live with others. The one value Exclusive Outdoor has a greater emphasis on more than other values is, Resilience. Resilience is the ability to recover readily from any form of adversity and not being coward by any obstacle ahead and this programme is designed to be one that will be challenging for anyone to better themselves.

Activities in the programme will allow the Adventures to discover themselves, together with others and from the post-activities review, let them reflect on themselves and others, forming a learning and growing community that becomes stronger as each activity ends and the programme coming to a closure. The Adventurers will be able to pick up various life and social skills like problem solving, communication, fire starting are the few amongst others that will prove to be useful for the Adventures in the future.

Exclusive Outdoor's Leadership Development focuses highly on the metal development of the Adventurers, improving their awareness, good and quick thinking skills. To prepare the Adventurers of today to be Leaders of tomorrow, Adventurers will get the opportunity to lead several types of team during the course of the programme, preparing them for the future challenges of leading different teams with dissimilar skills, attributes and attitudes.

The programme is also one that will constantly test the leadership ability of the Adventurer and groom them to be an outstanding Leader. Not only will they be able to learn man-management skills, they will also be exposed to the challenge of making tough decisions. The Adventurers will be able to pick up communication skills, develop their resilience as well as enhancing their thinking skills, thus making them a better Leader.

"Arriving as Individuals, departing as a Team. Come in as Teams, leave as an Organization." The statement serves as the goal of the Team Building Programme of Exclusive Outdoor. The programme is designed to improve and demonstrate the importance of both the communication skills and understanding between team members. Throughout the programme, Adventurers will be required to work together closely and co-operatively in order to achieve success in their task or a challenge between teams.

The programme also doubles up as a golden opportunity for Adventurers to stay and live together in the same environment for a period of time, allowing them to learn the weaknesses as well as the strength of each other. When the Adventure comes to an end, there will not be any more weaknesses in the team as they would have learnt to overcome each other's weaknesses with their own strength.

An Educational Adventure provides a distinctive platform for teachers to teach and students to learn. With nature taking the role of a school and rivers, forests, swamps or even the farms as classrooms, students will get up close with knowledge which they previously can only imagine and be seen on books. There are endless possibility of subjects that can be taught, knowledge that can be learned and creative questions and challenges that will provoke the dynamic mind of the students, and thus redefining learning. The goal of the educational trip will not rest solely on picking up knowledge but also having fun as well as building an unbreakable bond between students and teachers, forming a close knitted groups of learners.

Exclusive Outdoor Recreational Programme Packages promises to be the one Adventure you will never forget! With a wide variety of activity to choose from as well as different landscape to opt for, Exclusive Outdoor has the most comprehensive package available for you to unearth the Adventurer in YOU!



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