Exclusive Outdoor believes that by meeting the needs of our clients and providing that something extra, our clients will receive maximized satisfaction and happiness. Below are some of our additional value-added services.

Value-added Services

For a complete adventurous experience and education, Exclusive Outdoor can provide the following value added services into programme for our clients:

Subsidized Recce Trip(s)
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Exclusive Outdoor can provide subsidized or even free recce trips for the management team. The purpose of the recce trips ranges from having an overview of our overseas adventure sites, understanding and experiencing the activities to inspecting of sites and activities just before the start of the adventure programmes. Meals and accommodations will be provided during the recce trips.

Programme on the GO
To keep the Adventurers entertained throughout the journey to Pahang, we will be screening inspiring movies during the ride. This will be in relation to the activities and programmes that will be held at the later stages of the adventure. With the guidance of our EO’s coaches, the Adventurers will also be tasked to do movie reflection. If a picture speaks a thousand words, what can a movie do?

Adventure Guide and EO Pack
An Adventure Guide,containing the details of the programme as well as a reflection section, will be given to the Adventurers to note down their thoughts and learning outcomes. General EO Pack may also be provided for each individual Adventurer, it includes a pen, a towel and an Adventurer T-shirt. Both Adventure Guide’s contents and EO Pack’s materials are customizable base on the needs and requirements of our clients.

Additional Services

Depending on the programme requirements and the needs of our clients, additional services listed below can be integrated into the programmes for a complete adventure

Afterglow Session
The purpose of the afterglow session(s) is to recondition and reprint the learning values that they have acquired during the adventure. Furthermore, our EO coaches will guide the Adventurers to master those learning values and apply them to their life and the present world. Aftergrow sessions can also include a prize presentation to reward and give recognition to those Adventurers who have shown great improvement after the adventure.

Live Adventure Blogging
Our exclusive live adventure blog will update our clients and the Adventurers’ parents on the progress of the adventure, the well-being of the Adventurers, as well as serving as a communication platform between our clients and the Adventurers during the journey. The blog will be updated on a daily basis, usually at every night of the adventure.

Photography/Videography for Adventure Coverage
Exclusive Outdoor provides photography as well as videography to capture priceless moments of the Adventurers from start to finish.  The photos and videos will be taken by Exclusive Outdoor’s professional cameramen with professional equipment guaranteed to produce meaningful pictures of the highest quality. The pictures and movies will then be sent to our clients through various means.

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