These set of core values are the foundation of our culture. They arise for the purpose of shaping character and guiding us to attain personal and interpersonal growth. By infusing these core values with leadership development; our staffs will not only have the skills and capabilities, but also uphold positive and distinctive virtue. These values define and direct who we are, why, how and what we do.


We value life; with detailed risk management, we accept risks as part of the learning process and all decisions will be made so that no life will be placed at risk.


Leadership is a process; we believe everyone is a leader in his own rights and gives everyone a chance to lead, to excel and to inspire others.


We believe that education should be inspiring, challenging and fun; helping people to develop leadership, character & skills.


We love the wilderness, have a passion for venturing outdoor and are determined to overcome all risks and obstacles ahead.


We are proficient and reliable in our roles and responsibilities, striving for excellence and serving with integrity.


We think creatively while giving every idea a chance; an opportunity to shine.


We share the same beliefs & passion, treating each other with care & respect as we would like others to treat us; working as a team, united as a community.

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